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Individual Tax Preparation

Personal Income Tax Return Filing


The personal income tax professionals at TaxPros accounting will help you maximize your personal tax returns by expertly preparing and correctly filing your personal tax forms.  You as an individual work very hard to earn every dollar you make and you want to make sure that you are able to keep as much of your income as possible. While you can most certainly get your taxes done on your own, why risk making costly errors and paying the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) more than you have to. Put our experienced tax professionals to work for you.   We have provided a list of our individual income tax preparation services below for your convenience below.


Individual Tax Planning / Preparation

Federal, State, and Local Tax Return Preparation

Electronic Filing (E•File) Services

IRS Conflict Resolution

Back Taxes Filing Services

Unfiled Tax Return Services

Innocent Spouse Release

Individual Tax Debt Reduction Services

IRS Audit Defense Services

IRS Installment Agreements

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